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Cleaning Products

These Saicos Products will clean and maintain your floor finished with Saicos Premium Hardwax oil. Saicos products are environmentally friendly. 

We order in the cleaning products on an as needed basis, contact us to order (prices subject to change)

Wash Care Made with natural vegetable soaps. Easy, gentle, effective cleaning that freshens up the floor and makes it repel dirt. This concentrate needs to be mixed 20 ml Wash Care with 5 litres of water.

$39.00 / litre

Wax Care Natural-based liquid wax for cleaning and maintaining heavily used floors. Regular use of Wax Care protects, regenerates, and refreshes the finish. 1 litre treats approx. 900 square feet.

$55.00 / litre

Magic Cleaner This is perfect for quick and intensive cleaning before renovation of heavily soiled and worn floors. This is concentrate, mix 1 part Magic Cleaner to 10 parts water.

$53.00 / litre

For more technical data on Saicos products visit

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