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Birch wood is good for burning in your home heater, furnace, and campfires. It burns hot and has a long burn time. Like all firewood it needs to be seasoned before use.

Edgings The edgings are sold in bundles that are approx. 5' long x 3 1/2' in diameter. This wood is good for hot fires that are clean burning. It is small pieces that should be burnt in a heater that has good draft control. Birch does not snap, crackle, or throw sparks. For these reasons it makes very good campfire wood. The edgings need to be cut to your length. We can load pick-ups and trailers.

$35.00/bundle pick up at mill

Short Log Self loafing truck loads of firewood delivery to your location. 6 cords.

$950.00/load delivered to most locations in the Hazeltons. Would consider further delivery, but there will be additional fee.  

Pallet of split rounds. 16" lengths. 1/2 cord.

$125.00 + deposit on pallet. 

Sold out 

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