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Birch Flooring

Our flooring is manufactured from beautiful white birch which has a white sapwood and a heart wood that has a spectrum of browns.  This makes a very attractive floor which is appealing to the eye.  We offer 3 widths: 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”.  The lengths are random 10” to 48” with an average of approximately 24”.  This is a tongue and groove product, ¾ “ thick, produced with carbide tooling to provide a consistent profile.  The ends are square end trimmed.  It is packaged in bundles that are 6’ long and have between 24-32 square feet depending on the width.  White birch hardness is rated as  medium.  Kiln dried to 7-8% moisture content and storage is climate controlled.  This allows for reduced climatization of the flooring before installation.  This is not a prefinished product allowing you to choose the finish and the benefit of no micro bevel to trap dirt.

Select White  This floor has slight different shades of white.  It has a clean bright look, with the warmness of real wood.  24 square feet / bundle.

2 1/2" $2.50 / square foot

3 1/2" $2.75 / square foot 

2 1/2" Select Color  This floor has primarily heart wood, which will make a darker floor that has a lot of grain  and character.  24 square feet / bundle.

$2.75 / square foot

2 1/2" Select Mixed  This floor has a mix of white and heart color.  This contrast of color draws your eye to the floor.  The random splashes of brown brings out the beauty of birch.  24 square feet / bundle.

$2.50 / square foot

3 1/2" Select Mixed  This floor has a lot of heart color with a little contrast of white.  This attractive floor will make any room look great.  25 square feet / bundle.

$2.75 / square foot

4 1/2" Select Mixed  This has a plank floor appearance.  The floor will be mostly heart color with some white.  32 square feet / bundle.

$3.25 / square foot

Rustic  This sort has knots, color differences like blue stain and yellowed white wood.  This floor will have a lot of character.  There maybe some filling and trimming required depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 

2 1/2" $2.25 / square foot.  24 sq/ft / bundle

3 1/2" $2.50 / square foot.  25 sq/ft / bundle

4 1/2" $3.00 / square foot.  32 sq/ft / bundle

SALE Save $.50/ sq ft until April 30 on

all rustic flooring.