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Finishing Products

Saicos products are environmentally friendly.

Saicos Premium Hard wax oil

This finish is manufactured in Germany. It has < than 10% VOC.

It will not crack, chip, or peel and can be reapplied at any time with out lapping problems. Colorless, microporous, made with a natural vegetable oil base. Surface will be non slip and repel dirt and water. Easy to clean and maintain, and apply. Covers approx. 150 square feet per litre for 2 coats. For best results apply with a roller.

.75 litre $55.50

2.5 litre $172.50

Saicos 250 mm roller handle

Saicos roller cartridges require this handle.


Saicos Telescoping handle combo

This set is the most efficent way to achieve proper spread rate while using the Saicos roller cartridge. Saicos cartridges require this handle.


250 mm Saicos roller cartridge This is the best way to ensure proper spread rate of the Premium Hardwax oil.


Saicos Brushes

50 mm - $10.00

100 mm - $21.00

available only on special order

For technical data on Saicos products visit

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